VIVEPORT PCVR and mobile VR versions of “Organ Quarter” are available today!
Today, a multilingual update for the VIVEPORT PCVR version of the VR survival horror game “Organ Quarter” and a mobile VR version are now available. Organ Quarter” is a VR survival horror game that pays homage to the survival horror experiences of the 90s, immersing players in a VR world filled with fascinating nightmares to explore and solve puzzles. An indie game from Outer Brain Studios, a game studio in Seattle, USA, the game has been talked about since its release on Steam in October 2017 as a highly immersive and overwhelming horror experience utilizing VR. AMATA Games has licensed the game from Outer Brain Studios to support multiple languages...
VIVE Flow / VIVE Focus 3 version has officially been released!
VIVE Focus 3 / VIVE Flow Viewpoint Setting Bug Notification
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