About Backpack Twins

Swap. Solve. Survive.

Hard but fair single-player puzzle platformer

Backpack Twins is a hard but fair single-player puzzle platformer… with a twist!
Control both twins by swapping between them and making them work together in order to solve environmental puzzles, move forward, and stay alive!

Avoid hazards, jump, duck, swap, and time your moves carefully.

– A carefully crafted blend of platforming and puzzle-solving.
– Old-school platforming that will test your skills!
– Collectibles that are easy to find but hard to get! Get them all to unlock additional awesomeness!
– Responsive and precise controls.
– Speedrun friendly. The last and best times are saved for each level.
– Achievements! (Excluding Nintendo Switch™ version)
– Includes left and right-handed gamepad layouts for accessibility.
– Made with love, just for you.
– Backpacks! (x2)
– Twins! (x2)
– Humor! (Not guaranteed)

Backpack Twins Switch version Trailer


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