[Sale] “NOSTALGIC TRAIN,” “Backpack Twins,” “Last Labyrinth,” “The Tale of Onogoro,” and “Organ Quater” PlayStationStore versions are 25% off (through November 17, 2023).
From today until 11:59 PM JST on Friday, November 17, 2023, five games from Amata Games will be on sale on PlayStationStore! A whopping 25% off! Please take this opportunity to play Amata Games’ games!  
[Sale]”Last Labyrinth” for EpicGames version are 25%OFF (Sale ends Nov 02, 2023)
[Sale] Organ Quarter 30% off at PICO store (until September 18, 2023)
PICO Edition of “Organ Quarter” on Sale for 50% Off at the PICO Store! From today until 11:59 PM (JST) on Monday, September 18, 2023, “Organ Quarter” will be on sale at the PICO Store! A whopping 30% off to celebrate the launch! In addition, a bundle of three games, Lasr Labyrinth, Onogoro Monogatari, and Organ Quarter, will also be on sale at the same time at 50% off. Take advantage of this opportunity and get all three games at half price!
[Sale]”Last Labyrinth” for EpicGames version are 25%OFF (Sale ends Sep 13, 2023)
[Sale]PS4/PS5 version is 20%OFF (Asia only, Sale ends September 13, 2023)
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Amata Games is the official website for indie games provided by Amata K.K.Amata K.K. is a video game development company on a mission to “To make the world more entertaining.” In recent years we’ve been expanding the scope of entertainment media we produce from just video games to also include things like VR and video content. Our experience with developing and publishing our indie game VR Escape-the-Room Game Last Labyrinth awoke a desire within us to share with the world the appeal of indie games and offer entertaining gaming experiences for players on a variety of hardware. And so we founded Amata Games to help indie games that we can tell...
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