Content and Copyright Guidelines

All content, images, videos, characters, music, and other associated content from games published by Amata Games are the copyrighted property of the developer/studio of those respective games, or the rights holder who has licensed those rights for use in those games.

Any persons posting/distributing gameplay videos, etc. are requested to fully check and comply with the copyright and content guidelines for the respective games.

NOSTALGIC TRAIN Content and Copyright Guidelines

NOSTALGIC TRAIN (hereafter also referred to as “NT”) and it’s associated game contents, images, videos, characters, music and all other associated contents are the copyrighted property of the “Tatamibeya” (hereafter also referred to as “Developer”) and/or related parties who possess the required permissions for usage of said NT copyrighted contents. Any copying, replication and/or distribution of the above copyrighted contents without prior permission is strictly prohibited.

However, permitted to share or submit images and/or videos of NT (hereafter also referred to as “NT copyrighted content”) on sharing platforms (including live-streaming), provided that the following guidelines are adhered to.

  •  You are free to upload still images, videos, etc. that contain NT copyrighted content, regardless of whether you are doing so as an individual or as a corporation or are doing so for commercial purposes.
  •  You are not required to request individual permissions for use.
  • The following copyright must be included.
    •  ©2018 Tatamibeya All Rights Reserved.
  • For videos, in addition to indicating the copyright holder, please also display the following links.
  • While you are not obligated to do so, we ask that you please tag your posts on Twitter with the hashtag #NOSTALGICTRAIN or #NostalgicTrain .
    (The developers will be pleased if you do.)
  • Please include Spoiler Warnings and/or tags when showing any game content, including event scenes and/or ending scenes etc.
  • Please do not upload gameplay-only videos of NT. At a minimum, some form of commentary, editing and/or creativity in videos that include NT copyrighted content is required.
  • Developer (hereafter also referred to as “we”) reserves the right to delete and/or request the deletion of any shared SNS submissions that includes NT copyrighted content, and that we deem inappropriate, at our sole discretion.
  • Please comply swiftly with any requests to remove shared SNS submissions that include NT copyrighted content.
  • We will not be held responsible for any loss and/or damages that arise as a result of using NT copyrighted content.
  • Please understand that we are unable to reply to individual inquiries regarding any of the above guidelines.
  • The above guidelines will be updated constantly. Please make sure to check the guidelines for any updates prior to sharing NT copyrighted content.

Established: August 19, 2021

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