Notice of Added Shield Mode (Easy difficulty) and Other Functions

Added Shield Mode (Easy difficulty), added event skip function, etc..

We are pleased to announce that we have updated the application on Meta Quest Store today, adding the following functions and fixing the following bugs.

  • Update date: July 13, 2022
  • Version: 1.1.0080
  • Main fixes
    • Added a “Shield” Mode (Easy Difficulty) option in game.
    • Added a feature to skip events by long-pressing the trigger button.
    • Added an option to adjust the strength of the haptic feedback of the controllers.
    • Other minor adjustments.
  • How to update: Please follow the instructions on the app’s dashboard.


About Shield Mode

Based on feedback from our players, we have added a new feature to reduce the difficulty of gameplay.

Shield Mode significantly reduces damage from “Kenzoku” and “Kami” and makes the game easier to play.
Changing to shield mode can be done at any time from the in-game options settings, but the mode can also be changed on the game start screen, save data selection screen, and map selection screen.
Please note, however, that selecting Shield Mode will halve your score for that map.

We hope you will enjoy The Tale of Onogoro to the end by using Shield Mode to try again on maps and Kami that you were unable to conquer.

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