Today, The Tale of Onogoro, was released worldwide on the Meta Quest Store.

Distribution on Meta Quest Store Begins

The Tale of Onogoro is now live on the Meta Quest store worldwide. The game is priced at 29.99USD and supports all Quest devices.

Store Page:

The newest trailer for the game can be found below:

Launch Trailer

Details About the “Dark Priestess” Costume

In The Tale of Onogoro, there are many ways for players to challenge themselves beyond completing the story. Players can unlock new costumes, collect hidden point spheres called “nexus points,” obtain high scores, or work to have a fast clear time. After clearing the game for the first time players will be able to unlock the Dark Priestess costume for Haru. After unlocking the costume, players will be able to choose between Haru’s classic Japanese priestess look, or the more gothic feel of the Dark Priestess costume the next time they play the game.

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