[Update] Graphics improvement update for Meta Quest 3

Experience even more immersion! We have implemented an update to optimize the Meta Quest 3 edition.

We have recently implemented an update for the Meta Quest 3 version of the VR games Last Labyrinth and The Tale of Onogoro developed by Amata. This update optimizes the hardware performance, allowing both titles to express their worldviews more vividly. Additionally, it enhances immersion by supporting the TruTouch haptics of the Touch Plus Controllers. Please enjoy the latest VR experience!

Update Overview

Target distribution store: Meta Quest Store
Compatible model: Meta Quest 3
Update date: Dec. 17, 2023

Last Labyrinth Main fixes:

  • Improved the resolution of some models.
  • Improved the rendering quality of some materials and shadows.
  • Improved the texture fineness of some objects.
  • Increased the overall rendering scale.
  • Enhanced the haptic feedback experience with the new Meta Quest Touch Plus Controllers.
  • Added some post-processing effects.
  • Added and improved some of the visual effects.
  • Other minor adjustments.

The Tale of Onogoro Main fixes:

  • Improved the anti-aliasing level.
  • Improved the shadow quality.
  • Increased the rendering distance of objects.
  • Enhanced the haptic feedback experience with the new Meta Quest Touch Plus Controllers
  • Other minor adjustments.

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